Apparel Services

Consumer & Retail

Our primary focus is the consumer and retail markets and especially the apparel industry.  Working in the fast moving industry of consumer and retail, you face high seasonal fluctuations in market demand, cost pressure from your competitors and increasingly complex and extended global supply chains. Ultimately, your products need to be on the shelf in front of your consumers for them to sell.

DRI understands the consumer and retail industry like no other logistics provider. We have several top clothing companies as clients. We use experience in the consumer and retail market to unlock the value in your supply chain.

• We provide flexible and efficient supply chains to quickly react to your consumer demands
• We balance inventories to maximize your on-shelf availability and minimize your holding costs
• We maintain a high level of accuracy when fulfilling orders

We work with customers in many market segments:

• Fashion – footwear, apparel, hanging garments
• Retail – from hypermarkets and convenience stores to internet fulfillment and home delivery
• Food & Beverages – packaged food, soft drinks
• Household & Personal Care – detergents, cosmetics
• Office – stationery
• Home & Leisure – toys & games, home appliances, media and entertainment
• Furniture
• Do It Yourself (DIY) – home improvement products

Outsourced Distribution Services

DRI approaches every client as a partner. We know we are a service company providing a key outsourced service to your business. Our distribution services are focused on delivering a complete turn-key solution for your business-to-business order fulfillment needs. In essence, we are your outsourced warehouse and distribution division.

DRI understands that most customers need more than just someone to manage their inventory. We design, develop and deliver specialized, technology-driven product distribution solutions.  We serve a national customer base of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and other 3PL providers.

We devan your product, verify the inventory against the manufactures packing list, provide variance information and a receiving inventory, and located the product within your distribution area in our facility…

Distribution Services include:
• Warehousing and storage
• EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) compliant
• Import and export capabilities
• Just-in-time shipping
• Cross docking
• Pooled distribution
• Customized billing

Full Service Order Fulfillment
Order fulfillment is a crucial part of many businesses and is typically the final step in getting your products into the hands of the customer. Before products can become successful in the marketplace, they first need to get from the manufacturing facility to our warehouse where they’re sorted, packed, and shipped to stores around the nation. Those aren’t necessarily simple tasks in a warehouse that moves tens of thousands of pieces of product in and out each day.

At DRI, we view ourselves as partners with our order fulfillment clients. We understand that outsourcing your order fulfillment is placing a key component of the success of your business into the hands of someone else.

DRI is a pick and pack specialist.  The fulfillment of our customer’s orders is handled in a 3-step process to insure complete accuracy.  The order is picked, checked, and packed by 3 staff members so that the integrity of the order is as it should be.

DRI offers a complete array of outsourced order fulfillment services integrated into our distribution and warehouse management system.  DRI is serviced by all the national carriers and has experience with most of the large contract carriers.  We provide on-line service with UPS and FED EX and have excellent discounts with carriers such as Yellow Freight, Roadway and Fed Ex West.

Let DRI design an order fulfillment process that can provide outstanding service to your customers. We have the systems and expertise to be your outsourced provider.

Contract Packaging and Assembly
Does your business require something more than order fulfillment or distribution services? DRI provides full service packaging, kitting and assembly solutions utilizing the latest in equipment, technology, materials and personnel to meet a wide variety of client requirements.

Services include:
• Labeling, packaging and repackaging
• Promotional packaging
• Build-to-order
• Overwrap
• Clamshell
• Blister pack
• Shrink wrapping